The Path to a Sustainable and High Achieving Life

Not all journeys look the same, but to help you understand how we'll work together, I've described below the framework my one-on-one clients are guided through in their growth from overachiever to high achiever, and all the steps in between.

Image by Sean Stratton


Strengths, Values, & Purpose

Let's start this journey together by uncovering your strengths, values, and purpose. Together these discoveries will form the toolkit you can rely on to build your ideal life. What are you good at? What do you like to do? What activities give you energy? How do you find meaning in your life?

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Wildly & Confidently

If you knew you could build it, what would your life look like? What will you accomplish? How will you be known? What mark will you leave on the world? I'll be your guide as you envision your future life with great detail.

Image by Dayne Topkin


Strategies & Options

Together let's take your dreams and begin exploring the various strategies and options to make them reality. We'll select your core dreams, and form concrete plans of action to get you there.



Actions & Habits

Practice makes permanent. Let me help you break down those big goals into teeny habits that will build your momentum. And with momentum comes confidence as each time you take action, you build trust in yourself.

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Systems of Accountability

After building strong habits, you need systems of accountability around those habits to make them really stick. Let's identify the people and processes you can use to ensure your sustainable transformation.