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Meet Michelle


I have two real passions: serving others and constant improvement. I'm never satisfied with "good enough," and you are probably the same. Sometimes I can take that feeling too far, letting my inner perfectionist control me out of fear. But I know I'm meant to be a coach because I am in love with helping my clients become their best and overcome perfectionism. I tend to be an overachiever, which gets exhausting. So instead, I strive to become (and help my clients become) a high achiever who can do great things over the long term. 

If you’re feeling overwhelmed by the demands you put on yourself, I aim to introduce clarity and action. Life's too short to procrastinate, feel unsure of yourself, or stay trapped in mind jail. Since there are many periods of growth throughout life, I facilitate your self-growth and empowerment during this time so you can grow confidently and with purpose.

I'm here to help you achieve a more sustainable success in life, and provide you with the tools necessary to get you to the future you desire. I have been successfully coaching friends and clients throughout the Boise area for 8 years. Let me help you learn and develop better ways to achieve your big goals.

When I'm not helping clients overcome their barriers, you can find me enjoying a Boise Philharmonic or Serenata Orchestra concert, hiking the Boise foothills, listening to a podcast or audiobook, or volunteering with the Junior League of Boise. These outlets are key components to my personal holistic success.

In previous professions, I have: 

  • Helped clients reflect and understand how their behaviors and patterns influence their lives 

  • Helped clients make incremental adjustments toward success in their larger plan. What got us here isn't the same as what will take us to the next level!

  • Been present to encourage clients, hold them accountable, and to celebrate their successes

  • Been promoted in a male-dominated corporate tech industry office where I have had to practice being assertive, setting boundaries, and building myself up in moments or meetings when I felt out of my depth

  • Managed projects by identifying goals, creating exit criteria, brainstorming and collaborating on strategies, clearly defining the actions needed to achieve goal, keeping collaborators apprised of progress, building systems to maintain sustainability, serving as and sought out to be a mentor

  • Volunteered with the Junior League of Boise for seven years in building community for young professional women

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