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Compose Sustainable Success

In music a crescendo means to grow louder gradually. The symbol for it is kind of like this: < where the legs are drawn out for as long as the musician should be growing louder. The music forms an emotional connection with both the musician and the audience as it grows and becomes more intense. Barber's Adagio for Strings is my favorite example of this (seriously, take a listen and prepare for goosebumps). There's also an element of restraint during a long crescendo because the peak can't come too early, it has to be perfectly timed.

So what if we took all that harnessed power and applied it to our life? What if each day was like a crescendo, growing and building on yesterday to create a life of fiery intensity? What if we used intentionality and purposeful restraint to create sustainable success?

That's my dream for myself, and it's my dream for you. I want to be slightly better today than I was yesterday. Each day will compound, ultimately leading to more productivity, more confidence, and more joy. Join me and let's start your crescendo.

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