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Compose Sustainable Success

In music a crescendo means to grow louder gradually. The symbol for it is kind of like this: < where the legs are drawn out for as long as the musician should be growing louder. The music forms an emotional connection with both the musician and the audience as it grows and becomes more intense. Barber's Adagio for Strings is my favorite example of this (seriously, take a listen and prepare for goosebumps). There's also an element of restraint during a long crescendo because the peak can't come too early, it has to be perfectly timed.

So what if we took all that harnessed power and applied it to our life? What if each day was like a crescendo, growing and building on yesterday to create a life of fiery intensity? What if we used intentionality and purposeful restraint to create sustainable success?

That's my dream for myself, and it's my dream for you. I want to be slightly better today than I was yesterday. Each day will compound, ultimately leading to more productivity, more confidence, and more joy. Join me and let's start your crescendo.




Avoid Burn Out, Conquer Perfectionism, and
Achieve Greatness (Sustainably)

Personalized, one-on-one coaching is a favorite among many of my clients, as it is often times one of the keys to meaningful, sustainable success. My job is to give you practical tools and techniques to build a balanced and fulfilling lifestyle, while still achieving your big goals. After several sessions, you will become well on your way to transforming from an overachiever on the brink of burnout into a high achiever capable of long-term success.
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Invest in Future Leaders

Small group coaching is an incredible tool to develop your company's leadership. Your management team can work together to build and foster a culture among themselves as we as their direct reports. Sessions can be customized to include specific topics such as strategic mentorship, team culture, personal growth, as well as practical skills like holding difficult conversations and prioritization tools.


Michelle sets a very firm foundation toward you reaching your goals. She helps you sort out all the mumbo-jumbo in your head so that you can honestly set down what isn't serving you and make space for your dreams to take shape. She helps you find out what is hidden inside you, both negative and positive, so that you can start being more honest with yourself and move forward with more authenticity and freedom toward the life your dream of. She is a true champion of your journey and process, and gives gentle insights and prods to help you see for yourself what you need to do to unbound yourself from old habits and beliefs that don't work or aren't needed any longer.

Hollis W.